Sen. Dibble: GOP prioritizes politics, not people

State Senator Scott Dibble, DFL-Minneapolis, voiced extreme disappointment that some Minnesotans will continue to be treated with a lack of respect, even in death, because of Senate Republicans’ action today.

Republicans soundly rejected an amendment offered by Sen. Dibble, which would have allowed domestic partners the same access to deceased partners’ medical records as spouses currently have.

“This was a reasonable, compassionate amendment that simply would have ensured all Minnesotans have the ability to tend to their solemn responsibility and carry out the wishes of the person they love, during the most difficult circumstances–at the end of life,” Sen. Dibble said. “This was a simple choice about acting with humanity and affording families a measure of dignity; it’s unfortunate that Republicans tarnished it with politics.”

Sen. Dibble’s amendment would have been added to a bill that, if signed by the Governor, will allow children of deceased patients access to medical records.

“This is a good bill that will better help families navigate end-of-life decisions; unfortunately, we lost the opportunity to make sure it will help all Minnesota families,” Sen. Dibble added. “It’s a shame that the extreme views of one party are now politicizing the most personal and difficult decisions of a person’s lifetime. Today’s vote sends the message that Republicans would like the state to stand in the way of families’ most sacred responsibilities during the most difficult moments of their lives. Our job is to help families at such times, not put barriers in their way.”


Senator Scott Dibble
Scott Dibble represents District 61, which includes portions of the city of Minneapolis in Hennepin County.

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