Sen. Greg Clausen supports emergency insulin and COVID-19 response legislation

SAINT PAUL, MN—Today, State Senator Greg Clausen (DFL-Apple Valley) voted in favor of the Alec Smith Emergency Insulin Act and a second bill to provide additional COVID-19 support for the state. The insulin legislation will allow Minnesotans with less than a seven-day insulin supply who are uninsured or are unable to pay out-of-pocket prescription costs of $75 or more, to pay no more than $35 for a 30-day supply of insulin from a pharmacy.

In response to the passage of the insulin legislation, Sen. Greg Clausen released the following statement:

“Passing the Alec Smith Emergency Insulin Act legislation is long overdue. The Legislature has been working for over a year to find common ground to pass this bill to make sure that anyone who needs emergency insulin has affordable access. In addition to the lowered co-pay, this agreement requires insulin manufacturers to provide patient assistance programs to lower the cost of ongoing insulin affordability by offering a 90-day supply for no more than $50 to those with diabetes whose family income is less than 400% of federal poverty guidelines – which is about $51,000 for individuals or $104,800 for a family of four. If manufacturers do not comply, the bill passed today increases fines to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable. I am proud to support this important bill that will save lives”

The second bill that passed the House and Senate today provides additional COVID-19 support and requirements in response to social distancing practices, addresses transportation and transit needs, permits some meetings to be held remotely to comply with the open meeting laws, allows courts to be held harmless in technical errors in wills and similar documents, extends the deadline to file challenges to cost of living adjustments to child support, permits marriage licenses without an in-person appearance, appropriates money for grants to Second Harvest Hartland, and makes medical assistance available to cover testing for some people who are uninsured. It also supports the use of telemedicine, extends the mediation period under the Farmer-Lender Mediation program, and provides a grace period for restaurant and bar postings so they can still sell liquor if they fall behind on tax payments during the pandemic.

The language in the Alec Smith Emergency Insulin Act can be found here, and the additional COVID-19 measures can be found here.

If you have questions or comments, please reach out to Senator Clausen at 651-296-4120, leave a voicemail and he will follow up shortly, or by email at

Senator Greg Clausen
Greg Clausen lives in Apple Valley and represents District 57 in the southern Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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