Sen. Sheran and Rep. Brynaert Author Bill to Fund Children’s Museum

Sen. Sheran and Rep. Brynaert have introduced legislation that will appropriate grant funds for expanding educational exhibits at the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota.

The funds for the $1.6 million request would be appropriated from Legacy Amendment funds. The Legacy Constitutional Amendment passed with voter approval in 2008.

“The funds would be used to expand hands-on learning for children by adding 6,000 square feet of exhibits at the Mankato site,” Sen. Sheran said. “The new high quality exhibits and activities would reflect the culture, values and environments of southern Minnesota. This is exactly how Legacy arts funds should be used.”

The expanded learning opportunities for children ten and under will be tied to state education standards, developmentally appropriate and highly attractive to parents and other caregivers.

“Competition for the time and attention of children and busy family lives is increasing almost daily,” Rep. Brynaert said. “We need a quality program with a broader range of opportunities that will draw families, teachers, daycare providers and others on repeat visits to the museum. The proposed additional 6,000 square feet of exhibits will help accomplish that goal.”

These expanded opportunities that will be provided by our Children’s Museum will have a positive impact on children, their families and the local community, Rep. Brynaert noted.

“An appropriate informal learning setting such as the Children’s Museum will provide educational opportunities for all our children,” Sen. Sheran said. “I look forward to working with the folks in my area to see this project succeed.”


Senator Kathy Sheran
Kathy Sheran represents District 19, which includes portions of Blue Earth, Le Sueur, and Nicollet counties in the south central part of the state. She chairs the Health, Human Services and Housing Committee.

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