Sen. Sheran Praises Governor’s Order for Medical Care Benefit

State Senator Kathy Sheran applauded Governor Mark Dayton’s signing of an executive order to apply for early Medical Assistance enrollment that will bring $1.2 billion to Minnesota, preserve quality medical care for the poorest Minnesotans, including many veterans. “Our district will benefit from Governor Dayton’s application for funds that will have a positive effect on our state,” Sen. Sheran said.

By participating in the early enrollment plan, the state can preserve the MinnesotaCare program for parents, children and the working poor, pay a higher percentage to hospitals providing care for our poorest population and reduce the state’s financial obligation in providing these programs as the federal government will pick up half the cost that the state pays to insure the poorest Minnesotans.

“This gives us a better return on our investment and it means thousands of Minnesotans will receive early treatment rather than be forced to use more expensive emergency room care. These unreimbursed emergency room costs are generally paid for through local property taxes and higher insurance premium rates,” Sen. Sheran said.

Early enrollment will boost the economy and will create or maintain health care jobs in Senate District 23, as well as boost medical business activity.

Immanuel St. Joseph’s will receive approximately $5.3 million to help cover medical costs. That’s almost $1 million less than if Governor Pawlenty had applied for early enrollment funds last July, when the option became available. St. Peter Community Hospital will receive approximately $864,381, about $152,000 less than originally expected. New Ulm Medical Center will receive $789,219; about $140,000 less than expected.

“This change allows vulnerable Minnesotans-many of them veterans-to receive health care in their own communities while providing adequate funding to the hospitals that would have to foot the bill-an ultimately pass that cost onto taxpayers. Since we have only received 72 cents of each federal tax dollar back to Minnesota, it is about time our Governor advocates for more of our share.”


Senator Kathy Sheran
Kathy Sheran represents District 19, which includes portions of Blue Earth, Le Sueur, and Nicollet counties in the south central part of the state. She chairs the Health, Human Services and Housing Committee.

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