Senate Bonding Bill Invests in Critical Infrastructure

ST. PAUL, MINN. – Thousands of jobs would be created in Minnesota thanks to the proposed $1.165 billion Senate bonding bill. The bill, released earlier today, would invest in shovel-ready projects that address critical needs for higher education, transportation and infrastructure improvements, and business development across the state. The bonding bill prioritizes investments in Minnesota that can create jobs now and benefit the state long-term.

State Senator Lyle Koenen (DFL-Clara City) praised the bill for its measured approach to balancing the needs between every part of the state.

“This is a bill that strikes a strong balance with the needs of different parts of the state. It includes funding for our colleges and universities, money for the nuts and bolts infrastructure of our smaller communities that are essential to the day to day lives of Minnesotans, like wastewater and utilities, and it invests in business development that expands our economic opportunities,” said Sen. Lyle Koenen.

Infrastructure needs are one of the primary areas that the bonding bill addresses. The bill includes $168 million specifically for state transportation needs, including $1 million specifically for Greater Minnesota transit and $40 million in local road improvement grants.

“Our transportation needs are a vital issue that we must address, not just here but across the state. By making these investments now, we are prioritizing our roads and bridges and creating the high-quality transportation network every Minnesotan deserves,” said Sen. Koenen.

An additional priority for the Senate bonding proposal is housing. Many areas of the state are facing a crunch in affordable housing, which hurts Minnesota’s families. The Senate proposal includes $70 million to create affordable housing across the state.

“We have expanding businesses and industries that are unable to fill their needs because of housing issues. Hardworking men and women across the state are losing out on economic opportunities. We must work to address this need, and today’s proposal does just that,” said Koenen.

The full details of the Senate’s bonding proposal, including a spreadsheet with the comprehensive list of projects is available at

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Senator Lyle Koenen
Lyle Koenen represents District 17, which includes portions of Chippewa, Kandiyohi, Renville, and Swift counties in the southwestern part of the state. He is the vice chair of the Tax Reform Division.

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