Senate COVID working group meets on transportation

Legislative leaders representing transportation issues have come to a bipartisan agreement on a variety of proposals to continue to address mobility and supply chain concerns during the COVID-19 crisis. The Senate COVID-19 response working group considered transportation reforms this week, which will be incorporated into the next COVID response bill.

The changes allow out-of-state drivers a license extension, commercial drivers an exemption to in-person license renewal requirements, extend the expiration of non-passenger vehicle tabs that cannot be renewed online, and allow Metro Transit to use federal funds to protect drivers and keep public facilities sanitary.

Ensuring that commercial truckers are able to continue the delivery of critical goods and maintain supply chains has been a priority for legislators. These changes will streamline commercial license renewals during the peacetime emergency, along with efforts by the department of public safety to resume road exams for new commercial drivers’ licenses. Even though traffic may be significantly reduced through the Stay-at-Home Order, ensuring our critical sector workers are able to safety get to their workplaces will remain an important goal.

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