Senate DFL announces 2021 legislative priorities

As the most diverse caucus in the history of the Minnesota Senate, Senate DFLers offer a vision for a better Minnesota with priorities that will improve people’s lives and protect their fundamental rights. This week, members of the Senate DFL held a press conference to announce their priorities for the 2021 legislative session. Their goal is to be committed to work together to build the state all Minnesotans deserve. That includes fighting for equitable policies, opportunities, and protections for all – at home, work, school, in their environment, and at the ballot box. This will allow for healthy and secure families, students who feel supported, and a robust workforce. It will also create a clean environment and strengthen our democracy so that our children can thrive in Minnesota for years to come. These priorities support working families, invest in education, provide a clean future, and protect and advance our democracy.

The Senate DFL recognizes how important it is that every community across Minnesota has the opportunity to thrive, especially as we are recovering from the effects of a global pandemic, and we need support in our homelives. DFLers will fight for paid family and medical leave and earned sick time, long term care for our elders, safe and affordable housing, and broadband across the state.

The Senate DFL will focus on providing a path to success for all Minnesotans by providing supportive, equitable, quality education from teachers with diverse backgrounds for students through higher education. They plan to achieve this by providing fully funded education, increasing indigenous teachers and teachers of color (BIPOC) in schools, meeting students’ mental health and non-academic needs, and providing workforce development and skills training.

DFLers will provide a clean future by emphasizing the importance of taking bold action against climate change today, investing in a clean energy future, and working to guarantee the clean air and water that future generations of Minnesotans deserve to have. The focus is to fight for clean energy, clean air and water, and clean jobs in Minnesota.

The Senate DFL will protect and advance our democracy by acknowledging the truth that protecting our democracy starts at the ballot box. DFLers are committed to fight for the expansion of voter accessibility and protection of voter rights and the preservation of free and fair elections.