Senate DFL is committed to getting the work done

As the work continues to reach final budget agreements, the Senate DFL remains committed to getting our work done to avoid a government shutdown. At this stage in the budget process, we need to work together to pass a budget as quickly as possible that will help to build a better future for all Minnesotans. Any delays or political theatrics, as the House Republicans are doing, will only bring us closer to the deadline of a government shutdown – June 30. As we get closer to that deadline, we risk unnecessarily spending taxpayer dollars to prepare for the shutdown and cause undue stress to Minnesota workers who would be impacted by a shutdown and to Minnesotans who will rely on state services. 

As the only divided government in the nation, there will inevitably be compromises made within the budget. We will have healthy debates on the floor as the budget bills come up and will continue to advocate – as we have all year – on behalf of our working families, our students and schools, a clean future, and a secure and free democracy. At the end of the day, our ultimate goal right now needs to be to pass a budget quickly that will serve Minnesotans well and avoid a government shutdown.