Senate DFL Leader Susan Kent Statement on Republican Inaction

SAINT PAUL, MN— Today, the Minnesota State Senate failed to fully ratify the state employee contracts that were negotiated in good faith and voted against measures that would have provided economic security for the school district hourly employees that work to ensure our students get to school safely, are in safe and clean environments, and are being supported. Additionally, House Republicans blocked a local jobs and projects bill, in the House of Representatives, that would stimulate the economy, provide jobs, and protect the health and safety of Minnesotans by fixing our crumbling infrastructure.

“Minnesotans expect leadership that reflects their priorities, protects their wellbeing, and advocates for their best interests. Today, Republicans voted against compensation protections for the school district hourly employees that are supporting our children, failed to approve state employee contracts that were agreed upon, and blocked local jobs and projects across the state,” said Senate DFL Leader Susan Kent. “I’m disappointed that in a time when Minnesotans across the state are stepping up to help their communities during a time of so much uncertainty, Republicans have failed to pass meaningful legislation that would help people in every corner of the state. Minnesotans expect better from their elected officials.”

Senator Susan Kent
Susan Kent represents District 53 in the eastern Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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