Senate DFL leadership statement on Governor Walz’s announcement on education

Senate DFL Leader Susan Kent released the following statement today in response to Governor Walz’s announcement on education:

“Today’s announcement from Governor Walz that we are moving towards middle and high school students returning to school, in some version of in person learning, is welcome news for all Minnesotans, especially for those families with secondary students. I am grateful for the Governor’s leadership during this pandemic, where he approached every decision in a data-driven way with the well-being of Minnesotans always at the forefront of his thoughts.” 

“Through the safety measures Governor Walz implemented, and the work that Minnesotans did to come together to adhere to those guidelines, we were able to effectively curb the spread of the virus and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. And, because of these measures, we have ranked consistently below our neighboring states in COVID-19 cases per 100,000 and have successfully brought back 85% of our K-8 students to some version of in person learning. While we still need to remain cautious and continue to adhere to those safety guidelines, it is most certainly a day to celebrate that all of our students will be able to return to school in a safe manner and reconnect with their teachers and classmates, once again.”

Senator Susan Kent
Susan Kent represents District 53 in the eastern Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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