Senate DFL propose comprehensive package to address public safety

Senate Republicans started the legislative session promising to address the state’s uptick in crime. Seven weeks in, bill after bill that fails to adequately address public safety has been laid over in committee, and the only bill on the floor was a $1 million billboard bill for cops – a laughable response to the demands from Minnesotans to keep our communities safe.

Senate DFLers, in contrast, have brought forward a package of bills that include not only immediate responses to the uptick in crime but strong investments in preventing crime moving forward.

The bills include grants to community organizations, nonprofits, and more for preventing, intervention, and community investments in juvenile justice.

$300 million over the next three years is directed to local governments to meet the public safety needs in their community.

Funding is increased for the courts, including the state’s public defenders, and investments are made in violent crime reduction, community policing, victims of domestic and sexual violence, and youth development.

Law enforcement is given support to recruit new officers, close cases, and be accountable to the communities they serve.

Senate Republicans believe in a lock them up and throw away the key mentality, but 95% of those incarcerated will at some point return to our communities. We need to make the investments that not only reduce crime and keep our communities safe but also prevent crime moving forward. Senate DFLers will continue to fight to do just that. (SF 4190, SF4195, SF 4039, SF 4194)

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