Senate DFL Urge Immediate Action on Drought Relief for Hard-Hit Minnesota Farmers

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – Following a ​year of intense drought that has left ​many farmers and ranchers across Minnesota reeling, DFL Members of the Senate Agriculture and Rural Development Committee are calling for immediate passage of legislation (SF 3443) that would deliver $10 million in new funding for grants and loans to impacted farmers and ranchers.

“Getting our livestock and crop producers this assistance is the right thing to do,” says Senator Kent Eken (DFL – Audubon). “At a time when our farming communities are planning for the Spring, the need is certainly there after a tough drought season. Using a portion of the surplus to deliver grant-based support is the least we can do to help folks plan for a successful 2022 farming season.” 

“I think there is bipartisan recognition that this shouldn’t be delayed,” says Senator Nick Frentz (DFL – Mankato). “I appreciate Agriculture Commissioner Thom Petersen highlighting the urgency of this issue, and I’m hopeful we can move this bill and get a vote on the Senate floor. Ultimately, I see this as a necessary investment to set us up for a good 2022 season.” 

“The urgency, the need, and the funding is there, but now what our farmers need is the bipartisan action that will finally deliver what they’ve been asking for,” said Senator Erin Murphy (DFL – Saint Paul), ranking DFL-Lead on the Committee. “I’m ready to work with Senate Agriculture Chair Torrey Westrom to move as quickly as possible to get a vote on this bill and get this support to our farmers. Now is the time for us to get it done.”

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