Senate DFLers committed to end veteran homelessness

Governor Walz and DFLers have made ending veteran homelessness a top priority. With Minnesota on track to eliminating veteran homelessness in the coming years, COVID-19 has presented new challenges in addressing and ending veteran homelessness both nationally and within the state.  

Senate DFLers renewed their support for ending veteran homelessness and presented a bill in the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee this week that will further that work. By allowing the Department of Veterans Affairs to share data with other partners in ending veteran homelessness, this will allow for a more collaborative, data-driven approach in addressing this issue. A lack of information is one of the major barriers to ending homelessness among veterans. This bill will go a long way in ensuring no veteran is left behind. 

The Senate DFL remains fully committed to delivering for those who have served our state and nation and guaranteeing them the assistance and resources they have rightfully earned.

The bill is being held over for possible inclusion in the Veterans Omnibus Bill. (SF 363)