Senate DFLers committed to protecting privacy

A bill heard in Judiciary Committee this week forbids government entities from demanding electronic communication, including emails, be turned over without a warrant.

Minnesota law allows emails, text messages, and other digital communications to be accessed by law enforcement after 180 days, as the communications are considered abandoned. In a digital era where people often keep these communications for months, if not years, after the fact, this is a dangerous loophole that violates Minnesotans’ privacy.

Senate DFLers have been working on this bill for the last few sessions as the Legislature works to get ahead of emerging data and privacy issues. Collecting data without a warrant sidesteps Minnesotans’ right to due process, and we are leading the way in ensuring that doesn’t happen as more and more of daily life is managed digitally.

The bill was passed and sent to the floor for a final hearing. (SF 3071)