Senate DFLers continue to fight for seniors

Attempts at fraud and financial exploitation have become more popular as finances have moved online, and these exploits are often aimed at those that are more vulnerable. Seniors are particularly targeted by these scams, which take a number of forms- from someone pretending to be a grandchild needing assistance to Medicare and health care scams.

Senate DFLers have been working to reduce this fraud and protect our seniors. This week, the Senate unanimously passed a bill to establish new financial protections for older and vulnerable adults. It permits financial service providers to notify the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center when there is suspicion of financial exploitation.

The bill also requires financial services providers to delay a disbursement or hold a transaction if provided evidence by the Department of Commerce, law enforcement, or an attorney’s office that there is evidence of financial exploitation.

Senate DFLers are committed to protecting all Minnesotans, including our older and vulnerable adults. We are constantly exploring ways to keep one step ahead of those that try to exploit Minnesotans.

The bill will go next to the House where it will work its way through committees before a final vote on the floor. (SF 2466)