Senate DFLers fighting for immediate response to crime and long-term solutions for public safety

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard a bill this week the author referred to as “Minnesota’s third-strike law”. Republicans heard this bill despite repeated evidence that these types of laws do very little to prevent crime, create backlogs in the court systems, and are not a serious response to the uptick in crime Minnesota is facing.

While Senate Republicans are harking back to 1990s campaign mottos, tough-on-crime rhetoric, and fail to offer any real solutions, Senate DFLers are moving forward proposals that will both immediately address the uptick in crime the state is seeing while also making long-term investments in our communities that are proven to prevent crime from happening in the first place.

From $300 million in public safety investments for communities across the state to partnerships with law enforcement and community organizations focused on crime prevention, violence reduction, and supporting victims, Senate DFLers remain committed to ensuring every Minnesotan feels safe in their community. (SF 3224)

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