Senate DFLers focus on lifting barriers for working during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Senate passed changes as part of the COVID-19 Response billthat would allow the Department of Commerce to work with the industries it regulates in Minnesota and the individuals that work in these industries to prevent economic harm due to the virus.

The bill allows the department to extend existing licenses for individuals and industries that are unable to fulfill requirements for license renewal due to the virus. License renewal requirements often involved continuing education credits, which can be difficult to obtain as many of these classes have been cancelled. Other renewal requirements may also be difficult to fulfill as Minnesotans are being asked to stay at home to flatten the curve of the coronavirus.

Senate DFLers are working hard to protect Minnesotans against the health and economic harm the COVID-19 pandemic presents as we pass a second COVID-19 response bill and work to keep our constituents safe and informed.

The COVID-19 response bill was passed by both the House and Senate and will be signed into law by the governor. (HF 4531)