Senate DFLers move forward on drought relief

In the aftermath of a drought that overtook Minnesota during 2021 as a result of persistent moisture deficits combined with above-normal temperatures across the state, farmers all across the state are in need of support. In some parts of the state, the drought was the most significant one experienced in over 40 years — though for most of the state it was the worst drought in 10-30 years.

These historic drought conditions have led to extreme stress and financial hardship for Minnesota’s farmers and livestock producers who are already facing a difficult time in the agriculture industry.

Governor Walz announced, in September of 2021, a drought relief package to support Minnesota’s impacted farmers and livestock producers.

DFL members of the Senate Agriculture Committee this week supported moving drought relief legislation forward, getting it one step closer to final passage, and to issuing the funds to farmers most impacted by the drought.

Several differences remain between the Senate and House versions of the bill, and Senate DFLers will continue to fight for our farmers, who need this support as soon as possible and work to keep politics out of the negotiations on the bill.

Minnesota’s farmers get up earlier and stay up later than most of us. They face challenges out of their control, from droughts and climate change to animal and plant disease. Despite these challenges, they still go to work every day tending the crops and raising the livestock that feed not just Minnesota, but the country. They put food on everyone’s tables, and deserve for their legislators to work as hard for them as they do for us as we push forward on drought relief. (SF 3479)

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