Senate DFLers move to protect reproductive health care rights and support children and families

With the Supreme Court’s looming decision to overturn Roe v Wade, Minnesotans are worried that longstanding fundamental rights and reproductive health care access will be restricted or banned. That’s why Senate DFLers moved with urgency Thursday to defend and protect these rights by attempting to bring a number of bills forward in the debate on the Senate Floor. 

In total, DFLers attempted to pass nine bills that would protect fundamental rights, empower people to plan or prevent pregnancy, and support children and families. While DFLers unanimously supported each of these bills, Senate Republicans blocked them all.

Senate DFLers recognize the importance of protecting values Minnesotans share. DFLers fought to protect Minnesotans’ privacy, including their right to control their own bodies, make decisions about parenthood, marriage, contraception, and more. 

We also fought to empower people to plan or prevent pregnancy. Every family is different, and Minnesotans deserve the right to decide if, when, and how they want to start theirs. DFLers stand for an individual’s right to control these deeply personal decisions. 

Instead of restricting fundamental rights, we should be caring for children and families. It has never been more important to deliver on support for children and families, which is why Senate DFLers are fighting for programs like paid family and medical leave, child care assistance, fully funding education, and more. Senate Republicans have blocked these pro-family proposals every step of the way. (SF 731SF 963SF 1205SF 3959SF 3026SF 1884SF 3780SF 644SF 3766)