Senate E-12 budget target increases by $375 million

The E-12 budget target of $525 million announced by the Governor and House and Senate leaders on the last day of the session is $375 million above the Senate Republican E-12 proposal. That means there will likely be an increase in the basic funding formula which was missing from the Senate bill.

Other areas of potential agreement are investments in: Teachers of Color, mental health initiatives, special education and English language learner cross subsidies, nutrition and community education. The House-Senate working group got right to work the day after session ended to begin crafting a bill that will benefit all Minnesota’s children and help close the opportunity gap.

Before the gavel dropped to close the session, the conference committee agreed on a number of provisions that will likely be part of the final bill passed in June:

  • notification of school staff, students and parents if there is a threat of an environmental hazard. The notice must also include information about what to do to reduce harm;
  • anti-lunch shaming and debt collection procedures for schools;
  • religious observance school absence notification for parents;
  • special education COVID recovery learning services and supports;
  • limits on Pre-school student screen time;
  • academic standards implementation suspension