Senate Health and Human Services Committee Discusses Legislation to Ensure and Expand Healthcare Coverage for Minnesotans

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – The Senate Health and Human Services Committee moved one step closer to delivering on a key priority this year by hearing legislation that would ensure more Minnesotans have access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare. While today’s hearing focused on setting the stage for the work ahead, Chair Melissa Wiklund (DFL-Bloomington) said action will be taken in the committee this year on expanding access to healthcare.

“Every Minnesotan should have access to affordable, comprehensive, and high-quality healthcare,” said Senator Wiklund. “This year we have the opportunity to make real progress on this goal, and today’s discussion is only the beginning of our efforts to enact transformational change.”

The legislation discussed today included S.F. 49, S.F. 531, S.F. 896, and S.F. 404, which contain a number of proposals that would reduce the cost of and expand access to high-quality healthcare, including measures to expand coverage to more Minnesotans through existing programs and through the creation of a new public option, and helping more children stay connected to coverage as they grow. While a small handful of legislative proposals were discussed today, Senator Wiklund said the HHS Committee is considering several proposals to expand access to affordable, high-quality healthcare.

“Our DFL majority is committed to advancing policies that make healthcare more affordable and accessible for all Minnesotans,” said Senator Wiklund. “I look forward to hearing other ideas from my colleagues and working with them in this committee to pass meaningful legislation that gets this done in 2023.” 


Senator Melissa Wiklund
Melissa Wiklund represents District 51, which includes portions of Bloomington and Richfield in the southern Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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