Senate Majority Leader Dziedzic: Senate Passes Strongest Transportation Budget in a Generation 

Says Measure Makes Long-Overdue Investments in Roads, Bridges and Transit, Fights Climate Change, and Brings Billions in Federal Transportation Funding to Minnesota 

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – Senate Majority Leader Kari Dziedzic (DFL-Minneapolis) said the Senate has passed the strongest transportation budget in a generation that will make long-overdue investments in fixing Minnesota’s crumbling roads, bridges and other infrastructure, while also creating thousands of jobs and expanding the state’s economy. 

Majority Leader Dziedzic said the measure – authored by Senator Scott Dibble (DFL-Minneapolis) – also uses $650 million to unlock more than $7.8 billion in federal transportation and infrastructure funds, which will also help curb carbon emissions created in the transportation sector.   

“These transformational investments in our transportation system will reinvigorate our state’s economy, create jobs, make our roadways safer, and address climate change,” said Majority Leader Dziedzic. “For too long, we have under-invested in the infrastructure that allows residents to travel safely, businesses to move their products, and working Minnesotans to get to their jobs.  This once in a generation measure will help us continue to build an economy that works for everyone in our state.” 

“Transportation is so central to everyone in Minnesota.  Whether you drive to work, take the bus to the grocery store, or receive a package from a mail carrier, everyone benefits from good, reliable transportation.” said Senator Dibble, Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee. “This legislation represents a historic opportunity to make serious and critical investments, and we have met the moment by crafting this budget and package of policies. It will create jobs and grow the economy across the state, lift people out of poverty, support families, and give young people a reason to live here. After 30 years without a meaningful and sustained investment in roads we are witnessing a transit system on the verge of collapse and poor road conditions. This budget initiative is what we need, long overdue, to truly invest in our lives and the lives of Minnesotans right now.”


Senator Kari Dziedzic
Kari Dziedzic represents District 60, which includes Seward, Cedar Riverside, Southeast and Northeast Minneapolis.

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