Senate Majority Leader Kari Dziedzic Releases Statement on New Budget Forecast

Says DFLers will Continue to be United in Working to Improve the Lives of Minnesotans.

 ST. PAUL, Minn. – Senate Majority Leader Kari Dziedzic (DFL-Minneapolis) released the Following statement on the updated state budget forecast released today:

“Today’s updated budget forecast, which estimates a $17.5 billion surplus, is good news for Minnesota.  While the new estimate will inform our work, it does not change our values or priorities, and DFLers will continue to be united in our work to improve the lives of Minnesotans. 

We will continue to push to give Minnesotans better schools, safer communities, a cleaner climate, expanded freedoms, and more money in their pockets through targeted tax relief for things like childcare, housing, and lower property taxes.

Today, for the first time in 20 years we have an honest look at our expenditures because our budget now includes the price of inflation. Until we acted this year, we were the only state that did not responsibly consider the impact that inflation has on our budget. 

Although the higher surplus is good news, our focus now is not on a specific number or the size of the surplus, but rather on the people of Minnesota and how we improve their lives. 

In the end, we will balance the budget.  Minnesotans asked us for leadership to end gridlock and inaction, and we are doing exactly that to improve the lives of Minnesotans.”


Senator Kari Dziedzic
Kari Dziedzic represents District 60, which includes Seward, Cedar Riverside, Southeast and Northeast Minneapolis.

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