Senate passes extensive health and human services policy package

The Senate passed a package of health-related proposals this week in a bipartisan effort as session nears its close. Some of the items included in this bill are:

  • Increased telemedicine services during the peacetime emergency for substance use disorder treatment and physical therapist assistants
  • Allowing pharmacists to administer any future COVID-19 vaccines and to prescribe medications in certain circumstances for acute opiate overdose, nicotine replacement, or self-administered hormonal contraceptives
  • Requiring health care providers to provide requested medical records to patients within 30 calendar days
  • Expanding Medical Assistance coverage to be provided for those diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer by any CDC National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection-funded program in the state
  • Allowing Medical Assistance to provide insurance coverage for routine patient costs that are incurred in the course of a clinical trial
  • Modifications to the Drinking Water Revolving Fund to allow more residential settings access for funding replacement of lead service water lines
  • Amending the Alec Smith Insulin Affordability Act passed last month to allow a Tribal identification card to be used as a valid form of ID

While smaller than a typical end of session health and human services policy bill, we are pleased that this collaborative effort includes many provisions that will help Minnesotans across the state. (SF 3560)