Senate POCI Caucus Applauds Passage of Paid Family and Medical Leave

Statewide Benefits Will Make Minnesota’s Economy Work for All

ST. PAUL, Minn. — On Monday, Senator Alice Mann (DFL-Edina) ushered her bill establishing a statewide Paid Family and Medical Leave policy for all Minnesotans to passage in the Senate. HF 2 passed 34-33 and will make Minnesota’s economy work for Minnesotan families.

The members of the Minnesota Senate People of Color and Indigenous (POCI) Caucus released the following statement celebrating the bill’s passage:

“Today, we recognize the dignity and humanity of every Minnesotan, regardless of race, gender, or income. A statewide Paid Family and Medical Leave policy modernizes our state’s economy and allows workers to meet their health and family needs without jeopardizing their economic security, and it gives small businesses and entrepreneurs a competitive hiring edge in a tight labor market. This benefit makes it easier for people to re-enter the workforce after an unavoidable absence and helps employers recruit, attract, and retain new and diverse workers. Simply put, Paid Family and Medical Leave makes Minnesota’s economy work for everyone. Senator Mann has worked tirelessly on this legislation for months, and her leadership has made a difference in millions of Minnesotans’ lives. We look forward to this bill’s continued path toward law.

“Black and Indigenous workers and workers of color, as well as women in the workforce, are disproportionately less likely to have access to paid family and medical leave. Passage of the Paid Family Leave bill results in direct economic as well as health benefits. Availability of paid family leave will have positive outcomes such as increase household income, decreases risk of poverty, and reduces some forms of material hardship, especially among less educated and low-income persons. This bill is good for all Minnesotans, and as representatives of communities who have not had access to this security plan, we know it will be good for our communities and constituents.”

HF 2 passed the House on May 2, 68-64. It will now move to a conference committee for resolution with the version passed by the Senate.

The members of the Senate POCI Caucus are Senator Mary Kunesh (Chair), Senator Bobby Joe Champion, Senator Omar Fateh, Senator Foung Hawj, Senator Alice Mann, Senator Erin Maye Quade, Senator Zaynab Mohamed, Senator Clare Oumou Verbeten, Senator Susan Pha, and Senator Tou Xiong.


The People of Color and Indigenous Caucus is compromised of both House and Senate Legislators.