Senate Republican housing bill heard

Senate Republicans revealed their budget and policy proposal for housing this week. Their bill appropriates $50 million for housing over three years. While there are some important investments in housing within the proposal, it falls far short of what Governor Walz and Senate DFLers recognize is necessary to address Minnesota’s housing crisis. Governor Walz’s proposal appropriates $359 million more for Housing than the proposal brought forward by Senate Republicans.

The bill also contains several controversial policy items such as restricting how local units of government can govern development in their communities, prohibiting voters from deciding if rent control is right for their communities, and negating the popular vote made previously by voters in Minneapolis and St. Paul in support of rent control. This retroactive change would stop rent control from moving forward in either city.

In the coming weeks Governor Walz and legislative leaders will try to bridge the divide between the House and Senate proposals on housing.  (SF 3994)

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