Senate Republican Public Safety Legislation Falls Short

SAINT PAUL, MN— Today, the Minnesota Senate voted on public safety legislation proposed by Senate Republicans. The bills were largely criticized at their only hearing, just hours before being heard on the floor, for being insufficient in addressing racial disparities and injustices in the criminal justice system. Senator Susan Kent released the following statement:

“I am deeply disappointed that during a pivotal moment in history, Senate Republicans failed to step up to the challenge. Instead, they proposed a weak package of bills that fall far short of the fundamental changes people across Minnesota and the country are demanding. The legislation passed today includes no substantive changes to our criminal justice or policing system,” said Senate DFL Leader Susan Kent. “It is simply not enough to pass the very bare minimum and then pat ourselves on the back. We need real, meaningful change in order to hold systems accountable and keep communities safe. Instead, Senate Republicans rejected the majority of a comprehensive package led by the People of Color and Indigenous (POCI) caucus. They have failed to listen to the call for transformational legislation that changes the structural racism that has contributed to the deaths of black men and women.”

Senate bills introduced by Senate DFL members of the People of Color and Indigenous (POCI) Caucus that have not received hearings:

SF 87 – Peace officer deadly force use authority modification

SF 93 – Choke holds and other restraints prohibition; law enforcement agencies to update policies regarding to use of force requirements

SF 94 – Duty for peace officers to intercede when another peace officer is using unreasonable force requirement

SF 84 – Peace-officer-involved death prosecutorial authority attorney general assignment and appropriation

SF 92 – Minneapolis and St. Paul peace officers residency requirements

SF 95 – Peace officers warrior-style training prohibition

SF 78 – Law enforcement citizen oversight councils local units of government requirement

SF 86 – Right to vote restoration upon incarceration release or sentencing without incarceration

SF 81 – Peace officers standards for crisis intervention and mental illness crisis training establishment

SF 83 – Bureau of criminal apprehension (BCA) use of force investigations unit establishment and appropriation

SF 88 – Release on bail use limit

SF 89 – Right to vote restoration upon incarceration release or sentencing without incarceration

SF 79 – Civil statute of limitations for certain actions by peace officers extension

SF 80 – Peace officer complaint or charge against type of data included in status clarification

SF 82 – Peace officer grievance arbitration arbitrator selection modification

SF 85 – Autism training development and implementation for peace officers requirement and appropriation

SF 115 – Public safety critical incident stress management information as evidence prohibition; law enforcement use of force reporting; critical incident review process for peace officer involved shootings establishment; office of community-led public safety coordination establishment

SF 116 – Prohibiting public safety critical incident stress management information as evidence; reporting law enforcement use of force

SF 117 – Miscellaneous law enforcement provisions modification

SF 118 – Establishing a critical incident review process for peace officer involved shootings

SF 119 – Modifying a peace officer’s authority to use deadly force; assigning prosecutorial authority for peace-officer-involved deaths to the attorney general; establishing an independent Use of Force Investigations Unit within the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension; limiting the use of money bail for certain offenses.

Senator Susan Kent
Susan Kent represents District 53 in the eastern Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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