Senate Republicans advance conspiracy theories – open the door to releasing sensitive information

The State Government and Elections Finance and Policy Committee heard a bill this week that would make data in the Statewide Voter Registration System public. This goes beyond the regular information that anyone can request and could potentially include felony status and other sensitive information. Additionally, because 17-year-olds can register to vote (as long as they turn 18 by Election Day), this could prompt the release of data on minors without any consent. This move is just the latest attempt by Republicans to sew mistrust in our well-regarded elections system and push conspiracy theories about intentional voter fraud that simply don’t stand up. In other states where this data has been released, it’s been weaponized to harass and intimidate voters. This is despite Republicans in the committee readily admitting that we have a strong verification system. Senate DFLers know how Minnesotans value our elections system and will always fight to ensure our long history of free, fair, and accurate elections continues. (SF 3665)

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