Senate Republicans block efforts to protect LGBTQ+ children

In debate on the Senate floor Thursday, Senate DFLers moved to bring legislation to the floor prohibiting the barbaric practice of conversion therapy in Minnesota. The motion bringing his legislation, SF 1871, to the floor received enough support to pass under normal circumstances, but Senate Republicans chose to hide behind procedural games instead of advancing the measure. While it received a 34-31 majority vote, it fell seven votes short of the 41 needed to advance the discussion. 

Despite DFL efforts, the Republican majority continue to block this life saving bill. Senate DFLers urge their Republican colleagues to drop their obstruction, and recognize that Minnesota’s LGTBQ youth need our help to finally end this practice.

Currently, eight cities in Minnesota have banned the practice of conversion therapy, and 24 states have banned the practice of conversion therapy either through legislation or executive order. While Governor Walz has issued an executive order banning state agencies from cooperating with the practice and makes efforts to educate about the harm it causes, it is only an indirect and temporary measure.