Senate Republicans continue to choose winners and losers

Senate DFLers have been pushing a proposal for paid time to care for the last several years. We passed a bill in 2016, and House DFLers passed a bill this session; despite overwhelming support, Republicans have refused to support the proposal every time it has come up.

Instead, Senate Republicans have found yet another way to line the pockets of insurance industries, while pretending to support Paid Time to Care. The Commerce Committee heard a bill this week that would allow insurance companies to offer paid family leave insurance.

The proposal would offer paid family leave, but only to those Minnesotans that could afford yet another insurance premium. Minnesotans are looking for certainty right now – certainty that they will be able to afford to take care of their loved ones if something happens. This bill doesn’t guarantee anything and leaves Paid Time to Care to the whims of insurance executives.

No Minnesotan should be forced to choose between keeping a roof over their head and taking care of themselves or their family. This is especially true in light of COVID-19, which is exposing vast economic and racial disparities in Minnesota.

We are committed to continue fighting for Paid Time to Care for all Minnesotans, a system that ensures parents have access to leave after welcoming a new child, workers can take time off when they are sick or unsafe, and children can afford to take care of aging parents, a proposal that won’t depend on a person’s ability to buy another insurance policy. (SF 4352)