Senate Republicans intransigent, not truly participating in the Judiciary Conference Committee

The House has made five offers of various provisions to the Senators on the Judiciary Conference Committee, covering everything from prison safety and police reform to surcharges on traffic tickets and a provision that would keep confidential informants safe.

Senate Republicans have refused to respond to any of these offers and have slow balled the conference committee, hearing from commissioners and police organizations but not adopting and same or similar provisions or making counteroffers in response to the House. The Senate Republican Chair even decided not to meet on one of the days he held the gavel this week, opting instead to waste time and run down the clock. We’ve seen this strategy in the Senate Judiciary Committee already, and it is a disservice to Minnesotans to continue to waste time in conference committee.

With only a few days left until the end of session, Senate Republicans must come to the table in earnest and start discussing where compromise and agreement may be found between the two bills. There is too much to be done – a budget to pass, the police reform our communities are demanding, prison safety, and juvenile justice work – for Senate Republicans to continue to not participate in good faith. (SF 970)