Senate Republicans’ misplaced education priorities

Republicans passed a bill off the Senate floor this week that would complicate the existing ability for parents and teachers to communicate about classroom activities, prevent teachers from seamlessly adapting curriculum to student needs, and add to the mandated paperwork for teachers when they are already overwhelmed by the effects of the pandemic.

If the Republican Senate majority truly cared about our kids in the classroom, their first education bills would fund more school counselors, nurses, paraprofessionals, special education resources, and teachers. Instead, they are focusing on divisive issues that do nothing to help our kids or teachers.

The Senate DFL Caucus will work with parents, students, and educators to deliver what they need – real investment and support to address the short-term issues caused by COVID-19 and the long-term needs that will close the opportunity gap and ensure every student gets a world-class education. (SF 2666)

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