Senator Bonnie Westlin Calls for Sen. Mitchell’s Resignation 

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Today, Senator Bonnie Westlin (DFL – Plymouth) released a statement regarding Senator Nicole Mitchell (DFL-Woodbury), following renewed calls for her to resign while facing criminal charges: 

“Recently, DFL Party Chair Ken Martin, Governor Tim Walz, and several others have issued statements calling for the resignation of Senator Nicole Mitchell. I have sought input from colleagues, constituents, and other trusted advisors regarding this situation. During those final weeks of the session, I believed it was important for Senator Mitchell’s constituents to have full representation as we completed our work. Further, the Senate historically has never ruled on an ethics complaint while a member had a pending criminal matter. Despite this, Senate Republicans wasted precious hours on dilatory motions and rules maneuvers in an attempt to grab power, when we should have been focused on debating and passing bills. I believed, and still believe, that Sen. Mitchell was entitled to the same process afforded to other members in the past, and so I voted against efforts by the minority party to impose a different standard and process. 

“The legislative session has adjourned, and her immediate representation of her constituents has been fulfilled. Now, Senator Mitchell has a long road ahead of her regarding the very serious criminal allegations she faces. That process can take many months to resolve and will take up a considerable amount of her time and energy, physically, emotionally, and mentally. And while she is entitled to due process in our legal system, her district deserves representation that is not distracted by such a serious personal matter. It is equally unfair to her colleagues for her presence in the Senate to continue to distract from the important work of the people of Minnesota. For all of these reasons and more, I call on Senator Mitchell to do the right thing, the selfless thing, for her district, her family, and her colleagues, which is to resign immediately.” 

Senator Bonnie Westlin represents Senate District 42 which includes Maple Grove, Medicine Lake, and Plymouth. She is vice chair of the Elections Committee and serves on the Education Finance Committee and the Judiciary and Public Safety Committee.

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