Senator Bonnie Westlin Hails Senate Passage of Elections Omnibus Bill

Minnesota Will Remain a Model of Democracy for the Country

ST. PAUL, Minn. — On Wednesday, the Senate passed an elections omnibus bill (SF 1362) that will shine a light on the democratic process and protect and expand the freedom to vote. Elections Committee Vice Chair Senator Bonnie Westlin (DFL-Plymouth) hailed the bill’s passage as a powerful move to enshrine Minnesota as one of the best states in the nation for voters and democracy.

Senator Westlin released the following statement celebrating the bill’s passage:

“With this vote, Minnesota will maintain its reputation as one of the best states in the country for voters and for democracy. We have long been a leader in voter turnout because Minnesotans trust our elections and know that their vote matters. With this bill, we continue the work of making our elections more free, fair, and accessible. It will expand voting access to veterans and college students and improve absentee ballot policies. It will shine a light on campaign finance practices and limit the influence of money in politics. It enters Minnesota into the National Popular Vote Compact, which will ensure that the candidate whom the voters choose occupies our country’s highest office.

“I’m grateful to each of my colleagues, particularly Elections Committee Chair and chief author Senator Jim Carlson, for their work on this legislation; and to every person who testified before our committee this session. This bill is a collaboration between experts, advocates, elected officials, and voters, and it is a testament to the power of our democratic system.”

SF 1362 passed 34-33 and will now move a conference committee for resolution with the bill passed by the House.


Senator Bonnie Westlin represents Senate District 42 which includes Maple Grove, Medicine Lake, and Plymouth. She is vice chair of the Elections Committee and serves on the Education Finance Committee and the Judiciary and Public Safety Committee.

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