Senator Carlson Statement on Violence in Washington DC

ST. PAUL, MN – Today, violent supporters of President Trump breached the US Capitol complex leading to significant damage, injuries, and at least one confirmed death by gunshot. The chaotic and dangerous scene also halted the congressional certification of the Electoral College. 

Senator Jim Carlson (DFL-Eagan) released the following statement:

“The ongoing violence at the nation’s Capitol building today is a direct result of widespread efforts to undermine the integrity of our elections and disrupt the functions of our government. This chaos must be put to an end, and those who have fanned the flames of discord ought to be held to account.  Elected officials, public figures, and others who push forward these reckless, unsubstantiated, and disproven claims of election fraud have contributed to the instability and violence we see before us.

The results of our 2020 Presidential Election are settled. The United States Congress must certify those results and a peaceful transfer of power be put into place. Those seeking to upend the basic traditions of our government are not on the side of our Constitution.”

Senator Jim Carlson
Jim Carlson represents District 51, which includes Eagan and areas of Burnsville.

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