Senator Clausen Statement on GOP Rejection of Immediate Premium Relief

St. Paul, Minn. – Senator Greg Clausen (DFL – Apple Valley) released the following statement after Senate Republicans voted along party lines to reject immediate health care premium relief in the form of a 25% reduction in individual market premiums.

“I am disappointed that our colleagues across the aisle rejected immediate premium relief for over 125,000 Minnesotans along party lines,” said Senator Clausen. “Senator Lourey’s proposal would immediately provide a 25 percent reduction in individual market plans. With only three days left for thousands of Minnesotans to purchase plans effective in February, our constituents deserve to know how much their health care will cost. The majority party’s plan is an unvetted mix of paperwork and delay. After rushing multiple unfinished bills through committees in less than one week, we now see some of what they are proposing. Most surprising is the fact that Minnesota taxpayers would spend around $20 million dollars just to create more bureaucracy. On top of that, relief would not appear until 2018 at the earliest. Rejecting immediate relief is serious and irresponsible. Our simple question is this: Do our constituents want health insurance premium relief now, or in 2018?

Senator Greg Clausen
Greg Clausen lives in Apple Valley and represents District 57 in the southern Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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