Senator Dan Schoen: End of Special Session Update

We’re in the 65th hour of the Minnesota Legislative Special session as I write this. After several days of no sleep everyone needed a night to catch up. Human errors are inevitable when our staff are preparing final documents on no sleep. Democrats and Republicans in the Senate appear to be coming together to find a resolution that likely all sides may not be totally happy with. And that’s typically the way compromise works.

Although I am frustrated that we came into the session with a $1.65 billion surplus and I didn’t feel there was a good reason for the Republican majority to get their work done on time, I’m hopeful we’ll get this done yet today or tomorrow.

Here is what has been done in this special session so far: Agriculture, Commerce, Higher Education, Elections, Energy and Telecommunications, Environment and Natural Resources, Jobs and Taxes.

Here is what is left to be accomplished: Capital Investment (Bonding), Health and Human Services, Preemption, Paid Family Leave for state workers, State and Local Government, and Transportation.

My goal is to make sure Minnesotans aren’t left as harmed as they could have been by planned drastic cuts to services and workplace rights. The discussions truly remain “fluid” and we’ll do our best to keep you updated.

Dan Schoen represented District 54 in the southeast Twin Cities metro.

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