Senator Dibble and Representative Hornstein Statement on Governor Dayton’s Transportation Budget

St. Paul, MN – Today, Governor Dayton released the transportation portion of his budget proposal, proposing an increase of approximately $6 billion in new revenue for roads and bridges, and almost $3 billion for transit, across the state over the coming 10 years. Senate Transportation and Public Safety Committee Chair, Senator Scott Dibble (DFL – Minneapolis) and House Transportation DFL Leader, Representative Frank Hornstein, applauded the Governor’s decision to make Minnesotan’s mobility an important priority.

“I’m encouraged to see Governor Dayton proposing an honest approach to the needs our transportation network faces. It is clear that Governor Dayton shares our vision of making this the year we start to build a comprehensive transportation system to build communities that work for everyone,” said Sen. Dibble.

“As our roads and bridges age and deteriorate, community vitality and safety are compromised. As a lack of transit options puts more jobs out of reach for so many, our competitiveness shrinks. People cannot get where they need to go. We must achieve a comprehensive vision to repair and improve our transportation system: roads, bridges, transit, biking and walking,” added Rep. Hornstein.

“This is what Minnesotans expect and deserve, and together with Governor Dayton, our colleagues in the Senate and in the House, we are looking forward to crafting a plan that modernizes our transportation network, adds to our quality of life, updates our funding systems and allows us to get the largest return possible from these crucial investments,” said Sen. Dibble.

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Senator Scott Dibble
Scott Dibble represents District 61, which includes portions of the city of Minneapolis in Hennepin County.

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