Senator Dibble Applauds Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce’s endorsement of Comprehensive …

ST. PAUL, Minn. – The Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce announced today their support of a metro area sales tax to help build an integrated and comprehensive transit system. The additional one-half cent sales tax in the Metropolitan Area would be used to fully build out a comprehensive bus, rail, bicycle and pedestrian system by 2023 to connect workers to jobs, students to school, people to each other across the entire seven county metro area. An evaluation by the Itasca Project found that an accelerated investment of $4.4 billion for the proposed transit system would result in a return on investment of between $6.6 billion and $13.9 billion in total direct benefits.
Senate Transportation and Public Safety Committee Chair Scott Dibble (DFL – Minneapolis) released the following statement:
“Everyone now knows how vital transit is to keeping the metro area economically competitive and healthy. That’s why I am thrilled that the business community is stepping forward with and articulating their support for this investment of a world class transit system in the Minnesota. With this infrastructure in place we will attract the workers for the modern economy, build our local businesses, create more jobs, develop communities that work for everyone, and position Minnesota for long-term economic success.”

Senator Scott Dibble
Scott Dibble represents District 61, which includes portions of the city of Minneapolis in Hennepin County.

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