Senator Eaton responds to the Brooklyn Center Police killing of Daunte Wright

Daunte Wright, 20, was shot and killed by a Brooklyn Center police officer during a traffic stop on Sunday afternoon. 

In response, Senator Chris Eaton, DFL-Brooklyn Center, released the following statement: 

“Like the rest of my community, I am deeply heartbroken and outraged by the death of Daunte Wright. While the immediate path forward for Brooklyn Center is not yet clear, what is clear is that we have lost a beloved member of our community.­­ 

“I offer my heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Daunte Wright, who are reeling from this painful tragedy. The family of Daunte Wright and the community which surrounds them are grieving this tremendous loss, and I share their grief. 

“With the eyes of the world focused on the Twin Cities during the trial of Derek Chauvin, the police have failed our BIPOC community yet again. We need answers from the Brooklyn Center Police Department, and we need transparency, accountability, and justice throughout this process. That is why I am calling for the termination of the officer responsible for the death of Daunte Wright and for the State of Minnesota to immediately open a fully transparent investigation into the death of Daunte Wright.

“As we await the findings of an independent investigation, our community reels from the horrifying death of one of our neighbors. Many of the people of Brooklyn Center have chosen to stand up to righteously demonstrate against this injustice; I support them in their decision to protest and I encourage all who participate in demonstrations to remain peaceful.  

“Finally, I have made the decision to join other members of the House and Senate who have called for a pause on budget negotiations until more substantive changes in policing are passed by the legislature and signed into law. Addressing the crisis of police violence must be our first order of business; our communities cannot afford to wait any longer.”   

Senator Chris Eaton
Chris Eaton represents District 40, which includes the cities of Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park in Hennepin County in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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