Senator Erik Simonson Announces Support for Governor Dayton’s Plan to Prevent Middle-Class Tax Hike

St. Paul, Minn. – As a result of federal tax reform, hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans could get stuck with a bigger tax bill next Spring. That’s because many popular deductions, such as unreimbursed employee expenses, got eliminated – causing incompatibilities between the federal and state tax codes. In response, Senator Erik Simonson (DFL-Duluth) today announced his support for a plan put forth by Governor Mark Dayton to prevent a middle-class tax hike.

“Governor Dayton put forth a fiscally prudent plan to prevent a middle-class tax hike weeks ago – it’s a good deal for taxpayers that state lawmakers should take a serious look at,” said Sen. Simonson. “To date, Republicans have not publicly released a tax bill of their own. It is my hope that Senate Republicans will give taxpayers, tax preparers, and many other stakeholders ample time to prepare for the 2019 tax filing season. I extend my hand and a promise to work with you towards a bipartisan compromise that everyone can support.”

With just four weeks left to pass a bill before a May 21 constitutional deadline, the Legislature has yet to hold a public hearing on a Republican tax bill. It is well known among state lawmakers that changing the state tax code is extremely complicated and traditionally requires months of in-depth discussion.

“If state lawmakers rush this process and keep the public in the dark as has been the case in previous years, it could result in errors and unintended consequences for taxpayers,” added Sen. Simonson. “Let’s get to work and make sure middle-class Minnesotans are held harmless.”

If state lawmakers decide to fully conform our state tax code to the new federal changes, taxes will increase for nearly 1 million Minnesotans by an average of $489 next spring. If state lawmakers do not conform, taxes will increase for more than 300,000 Minnesotans by an average of $200. To prevent a tax increase, state lawmakers must pass a bill this session to remedy the problem.

Erik Simonson represents District 7 in northeastern Minnesota.

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