Senator Erin Maye Quade Hails Senate Passage of Trans Refuge Bill

Minnesota is a ‘Beacon of Hope’ for Children, Families, and Healthcare Providers

ST. PAUL, Minn. — On Friday, Senator Erin Maye Quade (DFL-Apple Valley) ushered her bill (HF 146) to establish Minnesota as a refuge for trans people, their families, and healthcare providers, to passage in the Senate on a 34-30 vote.

Senator Maye Quade released the following statement celebrating the bill’s passage:

“With this vote, Minnesota remains a beacon of hope in our region. This is a victory not just for trans youth and their families, not just for healthcare providers, but for every Minnesotan who values their freedom and bodily autonomy. In passing this bill, we affirm that trans people are beloved members of our Minnesota family. We ensure that children are not taken from loving and supportive homes for accessing basic healthcare. We protect healthcare providers who work with families and young people to make thoughtful, necessary decisions about their lives. We send a much needed and strong message to the trans and gender expansive community: We see you, and we will defend you. I am grateful beyond words to Representative Leigh Finke for championing this legislation in the House, and I look forward to this bill’s swift movement to Governor Walz’s desk.”

Minnesota may soon be the lone state in the upper Midwest where gender-affirming care is available. As of April 2023, state legislatures have introduced 472 bills in 32 states that target trans people. 15 states have banned gender affirming care for transgender youth or adults. This law will protect access to gender affirming care for almost 20% of the transgender population (ages 13-17) in the entire country.

HF 146 passed the House on March 23 on a 68-62 vote. The bill will now move to Governor Walz’s desk for signature into law. 


Senator Erin Maye Quade represents Senate District 56 which includes Apple Valley, Eagan, and Rosemount. She is vice chair of the Education Policy Committee, and serves on the Education Finance Committee, Human Services Committee, and the State and Local Government and Veterans Committee.
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