Senator Erin Maye Quade’s Protections for Kids in Online Influencer Content Passes Senate  

ST. PAUL, Minn. — On Thursday, May 9, Senator Erin Maye Quade (DFL-Apple Valley) successfully ushered to passage her bill to protect and fairly compensate minors who appear in monetized social media content (HF 3488). The bill, which is the second of its kind in the nation, passed with bipartisan support, 37-30.

“In a single lifetime, we have seen the birth of social media and its evolution from a casual hobby to an industry that powers careers around the world,” said Senator Maye Quade. “This burgeoning field has few protections for the children who feature heavily in monetized content — children whose families’ brands rely on sharing their milestone moments, like losing a tooth or the first day of school, with thousands or millions of followers. This legislation is a first step to apply our existing framework of child labor laws to the digital industry. Like child actors, the kids who bring joy to millions in Instagram posts or viral TikToks work hard to create that content, and they should be compensated fairly for their labor. I’m proud to be one step closer to a Minnesota where a kid’s childhood can remain their own, with privacy and dignity; and where older teens can rest assured that a fair share of the money they earn for their families will be entrusted to them when they reach adulthood. I look forward to seeing this nation-leading bill signed into law.”

Key provisions of HF 3488 include:

  • Content creators who feature minors in their media must maintain records and reserve pay in trust when:
    • A minor is featured in over 30% of the compensated video content within a 30-day period, and 
    • When the compensation received is over $0.01 per view. 
  • Children under 14 may not be featured in monetized content.
    • If a minor under the age of 14 is featured in monetized content, they must receive 100% of the proceeds of media featuring them.
  • People 13 years or older who were featured as a minor child by a content creator have the right to request the permanent deletion of that content from an online platform.
Senator Erin Maye Quade represents Senate District 56 which includes Apple Valley, Eagan, and Rosemount. She is vice chair of the Education Policy Committee, and serves on the Education Finance Committee, Human Services Committee, and the State and Local Government and Veterans Committee.
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