Senator Erin Murphy Statement on Adjournment of the Frontline Worker Pay Working Group

Earlier today, the Frontline Worker Pay Working Group adjourned without a final agreement in place to disburse funds to Minnesota’s frontline workers. In response, Senator Erin Murphy (DFL-St. Paul) issued the following statement:

“Over the last 19 months, hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans went to work on the frontline of the pandemic, putting their lives at risk, for the health of others. The working group had the job of putting together a proposal that recognized those Minnesotans, their labor and contributions. That job is incomplete. Instead, we are witnessing continued obstruction from Republicans who are unwilling to negotiate and do the necessary work to make progress for the people of Minnesota. Even under the most extraordinary circumstances, in a time of urgent need, Republicans have done nothing but get in the way of helping people.”

Erin Murphy represents Senate District 64, which includes portions of the Saint Paul community.

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