Senator Foung Hawj Presents Establishing New Game & Fish Electronic Licensing in 2026

ST. PAUL, Minn. — On Tuesday, March 5, Senator Foung Hawj (DFL – St. Paul) presented in his Committee on Environment, Climate and Legacy to discuss SF3905, which establishes a new electronic licensing system to support the Department of Natural Resources with accepting electronic game and fishing licenses starting in March 2026. Committee Chair Foung Hawj issued the following statement: 

“I’m proud to serve as chief-author of this legislation so we can support the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in their efforts to modernize our game and fishing licensure application system. We live in a time where technology and environmental preservation serve as economic engines for our state. There are a handful of other states that have implemented an electronic licensing system and I’m happy to see Minnesota soon joining the list. Our new system will create a convenient and efficient method of submitting licensure applications, further removing existing barriers for our hunters and fishers. I’m looking forward to furthering this legislation and continuing to support our hunting and fishing communities.” 

The March 5 Environment, Climate and Legacy Committee hearing recording can be found here.

Senator Foung Hawj
Foung Hawj represents District 67, which includes the east side of Saint Paul in Ramsey County in the central Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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