Senator Foung Hawj Says his Long-Time Push to Ban Dangerous “Forever Chemicals” Close to Being Enacted

Says Legislation to Ban Cancer-Causing PFAS Chemicals to be Named After Amara Strande, who Testified to the Dangers Before She Died Last Month

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – Senator Foung Hawj (DFL-St. Paul) said his push to ban cancer-causing per- and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) substances, known as “forever chemicals,” is moving toward reality, and the legislation to do so will be named after Amara Strande, who died last month of PFAS exposure just weeks after testifying about its dangers in Sen. Hawj’s Environment, Climate, and Legacy Committee.

Senator Hawj said that House and Senate lawmakers have reached an agreement prohibiting all non-essential PFAS chemicals.  He said PFAS chemicals manufactured at a 3M plant have contaminated drinking water in the East Metro, leading to elevated rates of cancer in surrounding communities. Under the agreement, beginning in 2025, the use of PFAS for nearly all consumer products will be banned, and companies will be required to publicly disclose if the substances are sold in Minnesota. 

The legislation will be named “Amara’s Law” in honor of Amara Strande, who testified this session about the health risks posed by PFAS. Strande, who grew up in a suburb of St. Paul, died of cancer in April a few days before she turned 21.  Sen. Hawj heralded the PFAS agreement as a significant action to safeguard public health.

“Amara Strande was a tireless leader advocating for the prohibition of PFAS chemicals in consumer products, and Minnesota will honor her memory by passing the strongest legislation of its kind in America,” said Sen. Hawj. “The exposure of East Metro residents to polluted drinking water created a preventable public health crisis. This bill will hold companies accountable for actions that endanger Minnesotans, and puts the well-being of our people first. I look forward to passing this provision in the coming days and seeing Amara’s Law signed by Governor Walz.” 


Senator Foung Hawj
Foung Hawj represents District 67, which includes the east side of Saint Paul in Ramsey County in the central Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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