Senator Grant Hauschild Presents Great Start Child Care and Dependent Care Credit in Senate Taxes Committee

Northland Senator says Working and Middle-Class Families Would See Significant Childcare Cost Reduction with his Legislation

SAINT PAUL, Minn. Senator Grant Hauschild (DFL — Hermantown) presented his Great Start Child Care and Dependent Care Credit (SF 9) on Thursday morning in the Senate Taxes Committee.

“Families across Minnesota are facing inordinate childcare costs that are draining family budgets and hurting our workforce,” said Sen. Hauschild. “This situation is simply unsustainable. If we want families to live, play, work, and thrive in Minnesota we need to provide relief and incentives to start and raise a family here. The Great Start Child Care Credit will do exactly that. It will dramatically reduce the cost of childcare for working and middle-class families and also shore up our workforce.”

SF 9 received bipartisan praise from testifiers and committee members, and was laid over by the Taxes Committee. 

Watch a short clip of Senator Hauschild’s testimony here and watch the full committee hearing here

Attached photo is courtesy of Minnesota Senate Media and was taken on February 13. 


Senator Grant Hauschild represents Senate District 3 – the Arrowhead, Iron Range, and Northland. He is vice chair of the Labor Committee, and serves on the Education Policy Committee, Environment, Climate, and Legacy Committee, and Taxes Committee.

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