Senator Grant Hauschild Slams Big Pharma for Attack Ads, Touts Work to Make Prescription Drugs More Affordable

Northland Senator says Prescription Drug Affordability Board will Reduce the Cost of Prescription Drugs and Reign in Greedy Pharmaceutical Companies

SAINT PAUL, Minn. — Senator Grant Hauschild (DFL — Hermantown) appeared at a press conference Friday morning to address recent attack ads displaying misleading information related to his support for a Prescription Drug Affordability Board that would reduce the outrageous costs of prescription drugs. Click here to watch Senator Hauschild’s comments at the press conference.

“Boy, did we make some folks mad, and we made the right folks mad,” said Senator Hauschild. “In my day job, I raise money for families and patients who can’t afford the care and the prescription drugs that they need. But no family should have to rely on fundraising and GoFundMe pages to get their prescriptions. 

“I revel in this fight, I revel in being the David to this Goliath that we’re facing: Big Pharma. These folks have such deep pockets. I was driving around the Capitol, and there’s a billboard attacking me here in the Twin Cities. They must have so much money — I represent the Canadian border, I represent a district 200-300 miles away from the Capitol, and they’re putting up a billboard in the Twin Cities attacking me for standing up for patients and families.

“Minnesotans aren’t stupid. Minnesotans know exactly what is going on and that’s why this is going to be the easiest vote that I take this legislative session.”

Senator Hauschild later voted in favor of the Senate Commerce and Consumer Protection Budget Omnibus, which included the Prescription Drug Affordability Board bill. The budget omnibus passed on a vote of 35-32, with all DFL Senators and one Republican voting in favor. 


Senator Grant Hauschild represents Senate District 3 – the Arrowhead, Iron Range, and Northland. He is vice chair of the Labor Committee, and serves on the Education Policy Committee, Environment, Climate, and Legacy Committee, and Taxes Committee.

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