Senator Hauschild Secures $30 Million in EMS Aid Funding

Short-term emergency aid included in larger package of EMS reforms which passed Saturday

[SAINT PAUL, MN] – Early Saturday morning Senator Grant Hauschild (DFL-Hermantown) successfully passed his legislation providing $24 million in short-term emergency aid to Minnesota’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in greater Minnesota, as well as $6 million for a sprint medic program in Northeast Minnesota. His provisions were included in a broader EMS reform package to address longer-term challenges to stabilize the dire situation facing EMS throughout the state. The bill passed unanimously Saturday morning.

“Our EMS network is facing a dire financial situation throughout the state, threatening the ability of Minnesotans to get the urgent care they need. It truly is a life or death situation for thousands of people especially in Greater Minnesota,” said Sen. Hauschild. “This emergency aid is urgently needed to provide an immediate lifeline that will help stabilize EMS and ensure people in communities like the ones I represent and throughout Minnesota continue to get the care they need.”

Most eligible providers for the emergency EMS Aid are in Greater Minnesota, where ambulance service providers cover a wider area, rely on lower federal reimbursement rates from Medicare, and are often local communities that operate on smaller budgets. This one-time aid will provide an immediate stopgap to address urgent needs. 

“We all know that this is only a band-aid and that over the long term we must find a sustainable funding model for EMS services,” added Sen. Hauschild.“This influx of aid and the important changes we are making to our EMS system are vital steps forward, but I will continue to push for robust investment that will ensure the long-term stability of EMS in Minnesota.”

Sen. Hauschild’s amendment was added to legislation carried by Sen. Judy Seeberger that establishes a new Office of Emergency Medical Services which will oversee Minnesota’s EMS network. It also establishes a new “Sprint Medic” pilot program that will service parts of rural Minnesota, including Northeastern Minnesota. The bill also includes policy changes that will help address workforce shortages by expanding the staff who can work in rural ambulances.

Senator Grant Hauschild represents Senate District 3 – the Arrowhead, Iron Range, and Northland. He is vice chair of the Labor Committee, and serves on the Education Policy Committee, Environment, Climate, and Legacy Committee, and Taxes Committee.

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