Senator Jen McEwen Celebrates Biden Administration’s Minimum Train Crew Standards

Minnesota Adopted Practices in 2023

SAINT PAUL, Minn. — Senate Labor Committee Chair Senator Jen McEwen (DFL-Duluth) applauds the Biden Administration as it follows the trail blazed by Minnesota and 11 other states on train and crew safety standards. 

On April 2, Secretary Pete Buttigieg announced a new federal standard for a minimum 2-person crew on all trains — freight, passenger, and commuter rail — to improve safety for rail workers and communities near railroads.

In 2023, Senator McEwen was the lead author of legislation mandating a minimum 2-person crew on all railroads in Minnesota, which was signed into law by Governor Tim Walz on May 5 as part of the transportation omnibus bill

Following the news of the national requirement, Senator McEwen released the following statement:

“I’m excited to see President Biden adopt these common-sense rail safety standards. This year I am working closely with my colleague Senator Rob Kupec on legislation to set maximum working-hours for yardmasters, install way-side detectors, and establish maximum train lengths. I hope the Biden Administration will continue to follow our lead as we enact the strongest, smartest labor policies in the nation.”

Jen McEwen represents Senate District 8 which covers the community of Duluth.

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